Thursday, June 4, 2020

7 Things To Know For Your First Year at College: Packing & Move-In (#2)

This is another attempt at a series on my blog, containing advice from my own time at college. This is a series of blog posts (which will be linked as they are posted) intended to help first-year students and freshmen navigate their new settings. This is all written with the hopeful assumption that it will be safe for students to move back into college soon. Each post is limited to seven items in an attempt to provide manageably-sized bits of advice.

Packing & Move-In (#2)

1. Ask yourself these three questions before you pack something:
What will I use this for, can I safely store this elsewhere (not at college), and can I replace this at college if need be?
If you're saying "oh I might need this though" with no definite use and it's like $10, leave it at home.
2. Limit your clothing but in particular t-shirts.
I get that you love your dozens of t-shirts from activities. You won't wear them all. It's just not happening. You will also be getting a ton of t-shirts from college activities you'll probably prefer anyways.
3. Don't double-pack appliances with your roommate.
I mentioned this last week, but you don't need two toasters. Or microwaves. Probably not two mini-fridges either, but that one can be debated.
4. Keep track of the clothes you actually wear over the course of a week or two. Pack those instead of the back-closet things you never wear. 
Anecdotally, a lot of incoming freshman (myself of 2016 included) have a fantasy of how cute they'll dress in college. I'm not saying it never happens, but most people's aesthetic doesn't drastically shift when they move into their first dorm.
5. Have at least one "adult" or "business" outfit but not an excess of them.
There will be some occasion you need grown-up clothing for. It's not every day but you will have some interview, event, or occasion you need to be professional for. On the flip side, unless you actually wear a professional outfit to class every day (and most people don't), you really don't need more than two or three business outfits.
6. Pack a mini-fridge.
If there is any way you or your roommate can bring one, it's a great idea. Communal fridges are risky not only because of "disappearing" food but also because it's easy to forget food in a communal fridge.
7. Don't forget cleaning supplies. If you live with your folks, you may not have your own yet.
This is a really good time to get them. You will need to clean your dorm occasionally, and owning a mini-broom will help.

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